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  Restaurant STEPHAN, San Antonio, Ibiza - the best french kitchen in town


Restaurant STEPHAN - serves the best French kitchen in San Antonio, Ibiza
Serves the best French kitchen in San Antonio !!!

Passeo Maritimo (Sunset Strip), Port of San Antonio, Ibiza
Tel.: 0034-971 34 65 38

Restaurant STEPHAN , San Antonio, Ibiza

Restaurant Stephan is situated in a lively environment on San Antonio’s famous Sunset Strip.
From the pretty terrace one can enjoy a fantastic view over the Bay.
Never a dull moment for this is the way that lead to all major clubs and beachbars and the party-people always dress their best, sometimes even outrageous.
The terrace offers front row seats and lots of enjoyment, while watching all the people go by and at the same time enjoy a wonderful meal.
The staff at
Restaurant Stephan is very friendly, punctual and swift.
The menu shows an extensive list of pasta dishes, fine French dishes, grilled meat and wonderful fresh fish.




Mixed salad 8,30
Tomato and mozzarella salad 9,90
Cesar salad (salad, croutons, tomato, pieces of chopped bacon, parmesan, chicken) 10,70
Toscan salad (salad, rocket, tomato cherry, serrano ham, goat cheese) 10,80
Niçoise salad (salad, tomato, hard boiled eggs, tuna, onions, olives, sweet corn) 9,90
Greek salad (salad, tomato, cucumber, feta, olives) 9,90
Chicken salad (salad, tomato, sweetcorn, chicken, pine apple, pink sauce) 9,70
Beef carpaccio with green salad and parmesan 12,50
Crispy of hot goat cheese with spicy caramel 11,90
Marinated octopus with basil oil. 11,90
Sautéed goose liver with stewed onions 15,60
"Moules marinières" (mussels cooked with white wine and shallots) 12,90
Thai mussels (cooked with coconut milk and lemon grass) 12,90
Salmon tartar 11,90
Duck fillet carpaccio with pear and rocket 12,50

Pasta dishes

Lasagne Bolognese (home made) 11,90
Lasagne salmon, goat cheese and spinach (home made) 11,90
Vegetarian lasagne (home made) 11,90
Seafoods lasagne (home made) 11,90
Spaghetti Bolognese 9,90
Spaghetti with Pesto 9,90
Spaghetti with seafoods (with cream) 10,80
Spaghetti Sicilia (pesto and goat cheese) and Basil 10,70
Spaghetti "Love" (pesto, rocket, cherry tomatoes, parmesan) 11,80
Crab spaghetti (crab, garlic, tomato cherry, white wine) 11,90
Tagliatelle "Nordic" (salmon, prawns, cream) 11,90
Tagliatelle Carbonara 11,90
Tagliatelle Bianca (spinach, garlic, goat cheese and cream) 11,50
Tagliatelle with salmon and goat cheese 11,50
Tagliatelle Ragout (lamb and rosemary) 12,50
Penne Oriental (spicy tomato sauce and basil) 19,30
Penne Colombo (chicken and curry sauce) 10,30
Penne India (prawns and curry sauce) 11,30
Penne Suprême (chicken, mushrooms and cream) 11,90
Penne with vegetables and soya sauce 9,20
Penne California (spicy tomato sauce, bacon, chicken) 12,50
Penne Stephan (bacon, chicken, potatoes, cream, cheese) 12,50


Grilled sirloin steak or green pepper sauce or Suprême sauce 17,90
Grilled fillet or green pepper sauce or Suprême sauce 20,90
Grilled chicken breast or green pepper sauce or Suprême sauce 14,80
Duck fillet with stewed apple 19,90
Chicken red curry thaï style with basmati rice 15,90
Chicken tikka massala with basmati rice 15,90
Chili con Carne with Basmati rice 13,90
Mixed Grill (chicken, beef, pork) 15,90
Original Kobe beef burger 17,90


Grilled bass 16,50
Grilled salmon 14,80
Cod-fish with white butter-sauce 15,90
Dorade fillet "Caraïbes" (tomatoes, onions, lime) 14,90
Grilled king prawns (with shell) or flambé king prawns with brandy or flambé king prawns (with shell)  with garlic cream 15,90
Giant grilled king prawns with shell (soft sour sauce) 20,90
Seafood paella 14,90
Fried rice with prawns, pine apple and vegetables 13,90

Vegetarian Dishes / Gratin

Aubergine, parmesan and mozzarella gratin 11,90
Potatoes gratin with brie (cheese) 11,90
Tartiflette gratin (potatoes, cream, bacon, cheese) 11,90
Cod, broccoli and bechamelle gratin 11,90
Fried rice with vegetables thai style 12,90
Mixed grill of vegetables with olive oil, basil and origan 12,90
Vegetables red curry with basmati rice 12,90


Olives 1,00
Bread with ailloli 1,90 / pers.
Portion of chips 4,90
Green salad 4,50
Bread 0,80 / pers.
Bread and butter 1,50 / pers.
Garlic bread 3,20 / pers.
Garlic bread with cheese 3,80 / pers.
Extra Ingredient 1,00

Kid’s Special

Nuggets with chips or spaghetti bolognese or tomato sauce and
1 scoop of ice cream

Chocolate fondue with seasonal fruits 7,50
Fruit Crumble 7,50
Chocolate coulant 7,50
Stephan’s Surprise! 7,50
Tarte Tatin with vanilla ice cream 7,50
Vanilla profiteroles with hot chocolate 7,50

Red Wines

House wine 11,95
Cune (Rioja) 13,70
Marqués de Cáceres (Rioja) 15,90
Luis Cañas (Crianza) 22,10
Tarsus (Crianza) Ribiera del Duero 25,80

Vinos blancos / White wines / Weisswine

House wine (Penedes) 11,95
Viña Sol (Penedes) 12,90
Chardonnay Laus (Flor de chardonnay) Somontano 14,90
Albariño (Tierra Gauda Rias Baixas) 25,80
Aura (Rueda Verdejo) 16,90

Rosé wine

House wine (Penedés) 11,95
Lambrusco Cléto Chianli Centenario. 15,90
Abadal cabernet sauvignon (Pia de Bayes) 17,90

Glasses of wine

Small glass of House wine 2,50
Big glass of House wine 3,80

Sparkling wine and champagne

1 glass Champagne 4,50
1 bottle sparkling wine of the House 13,90
Champagne "Moët et Chandon" 49,50


Margarita (Tomato, cheese) 10,95
Prosciutto (tomato, ham, cheese) 11,50
Reina (tomato, ham, mushrooms, cheese) 11,50
4 quesos (tomato, emmental, goat cheese, edam & mozzarella) 11,50
Pollo (tomate, pollo, maíz, queso) 11,50
Roma (tomato, ham, goat cheese, mushrooms, cheese) 11,50
Bianca (tomato, spinach, garlic, goat cheese, cream & cheese) 11,50
Suprema (tomato, mushrooms, cream, goat cheese, cheese) 11,50
Rúcula (tomato, Serrano ham, cheese, rocket) 11,50
Hawaï (tomato, ham, pine apple, cheese) 11,50
Tijuana (tomato, peppers, peperoni, cheese) 11,50
Atun (tomato, tuna, onions, olive, cheese) 11,50
Montana (tomato, cream, mushrooms, bacon, onions, cheese) 11,50
Venicia (tomato, cream, mushrooms, goatcheese, Serrano ham, cheese) 11,50
Imperial (tomato, cream, chicken, bacon, potatoes, emmental and mozzarella) 12,50

Restaurant STEPHAN, San Antonio, Ibiza - the best french kitchen in Ibiza

  Restaurant STEPHAN Ibiza

Restaurant STEPHAN, San Antonio, Ibiza -  serves the best French kitchen in San Antonio !

Paseo Maritimo
(Sunset Strip),
Port of San Antonio
 Ibiza, Balearics, Spain

Tel.: 0034 971 346 538

Opening hours:
Winter hours:
Monday Closed
Tuesday 11 - 18 hrs
Wednesday 11 - 18 hrs
Thursday 11 - 23 hrs
Friday 11 - 23 hrs
Saturday 11 - 23 hrs
Sunday 11 - 18 hrs

Summer hours:
Monday 17 - 00.30 hrs
Tuesday 11 - 00.30 hrs
Wednesday 11 - 00.30 hrs
Thursday 11 - 00.30 hrs
Friday 11 - 00.30 hrs
Saturday 11 - 00.30 hrs
Sunday 17 - 00.30 hrs



Visitors Today: 3

visitors total: 16194
Started: 25-07-2008 -------------------- Changed: 12-05-2015


Restaurant STEPHAN serves the best french kitchen in San Antonio, Ibiza